Dr. Brian Gunter

  • Associate Professor, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering
  • Courtesy Adjunct Appointment, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Affiliated with the Space Systems Design Laboratory (SSDL), the Center for Space Technology and Research (CSTAR), and the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM)
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PhD Students

  1. Byron Davis (2014-), “Expanding the use of small-satellite constellations for remote sensing through improved orbit determination,” Georgia Tech
  2. Mohammed Nassif (2018-), Georgia Tech
  3. Kwonhee (Alex) Lee (2019-), Georgia Tech

Masters Students

  1. Abhijit Harathi (2019-), Georgia Tech
  2. Alaric Gregoire (2019-), Georgia Tech
  3. Will McNulty (2019-), Georgia Tech
  4. Chris Murphy (2019-), Georgia Tech
  5. Akshay Menon (2020-), Georgia Tech
  6. Bhavi Jagatia (2020-), Georgia Tech
  7. Daniel Nguyen (2020-), Georgia Tech
  8. Richard Macke (2020-), Georgia Tech
  9. Kohei Kotani (2020-), Georgia Tech
  10. Chimuka Cheepa (2020-), Georgia Tech
  11. Uttoreo Saha (2020-), Georgia Tech


Postdoctoral Researchers

  1. Natthachet Tangdamrongsub (2013-2015) “Multi-scale modelling of water resources in Northern China,” co-supervised by S. Steele-Dunne and P. Ditmar, TU-Delft.  Dr. Tandangrongsub is now a Research Associate at the University of Newcastle.
  2. Rakia Meister (2013), “Long-term Antarctic surface elevation trends from satellite radar and laser altimetry,” TU-Delft, Dr. Meister was last at the National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark.
  3. Riccardo Riva (2007-2010), “Improving Post-Glacial Rebound and Ice Mass Balance Models in Antarctica Using GRACE and ICESat Mission Data,” co-supervised with L.L.A. Vermeersen and R. Lindenbergh. Dr. Riva is currently an Associate Professor at TU-Delft.

PhD Students

  1. Olga (Engels) Didova (2012-2017), “Separating GIA and ice mass change signals in Antarctica using satellite data,” co-supervised by R. Riva and R. Klees, TU-Delft.  Dr. Engels is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Bonn University.

Masters Students

  1. Luke Renegar (2018-2020), “Optical Satellite Orbit Determination from Geographically Dispersed Sensors,” Georgia Tech
  2. Devin Wu (2018-2020), “SDA Visible Range Object Detection Performance Optimization Under Urban Environment,” Georgia Tech
  3. Stephen Hall (2018-2020), “A Survey of Free Space Optical Communications in Satellites,” Georgia Tech.  Now at L3Harris.
  4. Richard Hunter (2017-2020), “Optimal Phasing and Performance Mapping for Translunar Satellite Missions Across the Earth-Moon Nodal Cycle,” Georgia Tech.  Now at Rocket Lab.
  5. Logan Bewley (2018-2019), “CubeSat Inter-satellite Tracking Using Remote Sensing and Trajectory Estimation,” Georgia Tech.  Now at Aerospace Corp.
  6. Joshua Ingersoll (2018-2019), “A Technical Evaluation of Integrating Optical Inter-Satellite Links into Proliferated Polar LEO Constellations,” Georgia Tech.  Now at Aerospace Corp.
  7. Brandon Henley (2019), “Lunar Laser Ranging from Low Earth Orbit,” Georgia Tech.  Now a GNC Engineer at Lockheed Martin.
  8. Daniel Groesbeck (2017-2019), “Autonomous Control of Small Satellite Formations using
    Differential Drag,” Georgia Tech.  Now a Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin.
  9. Emily (Erin) Simmons (2017-2019), “Application of Self-Healing Materials to Leak Repair in Inflatable Structures,” Georgia Tech.  Now a Loads and Dynamics Engineer at Engineering, Research and Consulting (ERC).
  10. Jairus Elarbee (2017-2019), “Processing Strategy for GNSS-based Orbit Determination of
    Small Satellites,” Georgia Tech
  11. Rachmat Subagia (2017-2019), “Precise Tracking of UAVs using LiDAR and Computer Vision,” Georgia Tech
  12. Yanjie Guo (2017-2018), “Relative positioning and tracking of small spacecraft using optical sensors,” Georgia Tech. Currently pursuing a PhD at Georgia Tech.
  13. Austin Claybrook (2016-2018) “A Preliminary Assessment of the RANGE Mission’s Orbit Determination Capabilities,” Georgia Tech.  Now at Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)
  14. Alexander Boisvert (2016-2018) “Attitude Dynamics of a Tethered CubeSat-Inflatable System in Low Earth Orbit,” Georgia Tech.  Now at Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems.
  15. Trevor Dahl (2017), “An Evaluation of Spacecraft Pointing Requirements for Optically Linked Satellite Systems”.  Currently a Developmental Engineer with the U.S. Air Force.
  16. Michael Herman (2015-2017),“Design and testing of a low-cost two-axis coarse sun sensor for nanosatellites,” Georgia Tech.
  17. Zachary Levine (2015-2016), “Development of an inter-satellite laser ranging system for nanosatellites,” Georgia Tech. Now a Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman.
  18. Michel Lacerda (2014-2016) “Comparison of lidar, sonar and image-based topography from a UAV platform”, Georgia Tech.  Currently pursuing a PhD at Georgia Tech.
  19. Bolys Sabitbek (2015-2016), “Orbit Design for a Phobos/Deimos Cycler Mission,” Georgia Tech.  Currently pursuing a PhD at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
  20. Kevin Seywald (2013-2016), “Refinements to the General Methodology Behind Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry,” Georgia Tech.  Now a Controls Engineer at Binera.
  21. Ronald van Haren (2009-2011), “Observing the hydrology of China from space,” TU-Delft.  Went on to complete his PhD at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), and is now at the Netherlands eScience Center.
  22. Pedro Inacio (2008-2010), “A Sensitivity Study into Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry,” TU-Delft.  Currently pursuing a PhD at TU-Delft.
  23. Ramses Molijn (2008-2009), “ICESat full waveform signal analysis for the classification of land cover types over the cryosphere”, TU-Delft, co-supervised with R. Lindenbergh.  Now a post-doctoral research at TU-Delft.
  24. Ward Stolk (2007-2009), “An evaluation of the use of radial basis functions for mass change estimates at high latitudes,” TU-Delft, co-supervised with T. Wittwer.  Went on to complete a PhD at Utrecht University, and is now at Fugro.